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Stop wasting your calories on drinks!

Usually, when people think of losing weight they chose to start an exercise regime and reduce their consumption of highly calorific foods such as; fast food and sweet treats. However, a culprit that can be overlooked is the poor choices we make when it comes to drinks.

This week we are going to look at some of the worlds favourite beverages and decide whether they have a place in your diet if you are striving to reach you fat loss goals.


First up, Booze!!

I may upset a few of you with this post today, but seen as everyone is in search of their summer bodies now spring has arrived, it seemed a good time to break the news. It's time to learn moderation.

Alcoholic beverages are very high in calories, sugars and very low on nutritional value. There's next to no goodness in them at all!

It is a waste of your precious calories!

I'm not telling you that an occasional drink or two is off limits. But think, if your regular 'getting home from work ritual' is to grab a beer as you walk in or pour a glass of wine with your evening meal, you could be consuming around 800 extra calories a week (and that's if you stop at 1). Over the course of the month this can lead to gaining a lb of fat!

Now if you are eating well and training regularly, then I'm sure you don't want to see your progress stalled for the sake of drinking at home, alone.

If you are trying to cut down on body fat then going dry for a month may not only show improvements to your waistline but also your overall health and performance in the gym.

If you have pre planned social gatherings or think you may not survive without a little tipple, try to make the best choices (strictly NO Pina Coladas).


Next up, Coffee!

Whether it's a coffee shop social gathering with friends or a speedy Starbucks drive though

on your work commute, your luxury coffee calories all add up! It doesn't take many trips to your local coffee shop to completely ruin a successful diet (especially if your adding a flavoured syrup in there too).

Now I love going for a coffee! I love grabbing one on the road and I love meetings whilst relaxing with a steamy beverage. BUT, I find that it's more the 'habit' of grabbing a coffee that most people miss on a diet not a specific drink. A black americano is a great choice if your cutting back as you can still keep the habits you are used to with just a small change (and most coffee shops have a sugar free syrup option too).

Best of both worlds! Remember, small but consistent changes along the way are what add up to a healthier you and the physique you dream of.


Lastly, Juices!

Unfortunately, big brands cleverly market fruit juices and pre bottled smoothies as healthy with buzz words/terms such as; " 3 of your 5 a day", "superfood", "innocent", "all natural". This is all designed to make you think that the product will make you healthier and feel/look better.

Sadly, the process that the delicious, nutritious fruit goes though before hitting the shelves in pretty colourful bottles removes all the goodness, leaving you with just calories and sugar. Yum!

If you are having a chilled glass of juice with your breakfast in a morning it may give you a nice fresh tasting zing, but will more than likely lead to a mid morning slump as you crash from the sugar buzz.


So there you have it.

If you are tracking your calories and macros (which I hope you are) make sure your drinks are included as they all add up and can halt your progress if ignored.

Hopefully, this information hasn't left you feeling betrayed by marketing, but has giving you an idea of how to avoid destroying all your hard work with a less than satisfying liquid that could have been better used on real food.

As with everything in life, it is all down to moderation. As long as you are in an energy deficit you will lose weight, but if you are struggling with hunger swapping out a sugary beverage for another snack is far more beneficial.



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