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Nutrition Plans

We receive plenty of messages asking questions about our Nutrition Plan services. I thought posting a Blog on the subject would not only help you to understand the 'Whys?' 'Hows?' and 'Whens' of how we provide nutrition programmes, but also help you in making an informed decision when choosing/questioning other providers.


Firstly, lets look at what to be wary of when purchasing a diet plan either from your local Personal Trainer

or online. When you enquire about dieting you should receive a response that not only answers your direct questions but also asks you questions in return. Diets are a tricky business and should never be devised without understanding of who you are, what you do and how you currently eat. It is truly shocking to me the amount of clients that approach us after

having previous nutrition plans before from elsewhere but don't expect to have to provide any insight to their current lifestyle.

Do they offer follow ups or require check ins as part of the service? There are many different

approaches to nutrition and what works great for some may not work so well for others. Finding the right approach for you isn't likely to happen immediately and a few (if not many) changes may be required which is why check-ins and reviews are essential throughout the entire process. If the person offering you a diet plan without having you track how you are progressing or scheduling in a regular check in to review, it would suggest they don't have your best interest at heart.

If you pay for a plan, provide very little information about yourself and receive a plan almost instantly without any follow up, IT IS NOT A CUSTOMISED PLAN! At most you have paid for 'healthy eating guidelines' that could potentially cause eating disorders, severe fatigue and/or malnutrition.


Weightloss, Muscle Building and Performance.

We don't like quick weightloss and instead opt for steady, consistant fatloss that will give you the shape you wish to achieve in a healthy, maintainable way.

The main goal for most regular gym goers is to keep performance high whilst chasing those aesthetic dreams, so our plans are very structured around your training schedule. We want you to train optimally, building muscle and burning fat and your food quantity and meal timings are the keys to this success.

We tailor all our programmes not only to suit you, your body and your lifestyle but also take into consideration any athletic aspirations you may have into consideration whether this be for competitive sport or personal dreams. We look at long term goals and plot out short term milestones along the way to keep you looking and performing at your best.

How we do it.

It usually takes around 2 weeks to start you on a new plan and requires work from you for us to judge where your eating habits are currently. This can seem frustrating, especially when you make a decision and want to run with it. But, preparation is key and it's great practice to move forward with. The start of the process requires a food diary of all you consume (including drinks) for at least a week. This allows us to see exactly where you are now so is reliant on your honesty. It is pointless tracking the food that didn't put you in a place in need of a diet plan in the first place. We customise eating plans based around your current eating patterns and food choices, so we need to be aware of exactly what foods you enjoy eating as well as the times they are being consumed (we have all raided the fridge at midnight for cheese slices at some point in our lives, don't be ashamed).

How it works.

Once we have compiled the information we need a plan will be developed around you and your needs. Depending on where you are now will set a marker for gradual changes that lead towards a finished eating plan. This usually takes 3-6 weeks and all changes (no matter how many are required) are included in the initial set up fee. During this time you will be asked to keep a record of your energy levels, general hunger and mental state, and to be ready to check in weekly. Any changes made will be calculated using this information and then the process will repeat until we have a plan that not only suits you mentally, but is leading you physically in the right direction.

The cost.

The initial start up fee for a nutrition plan is £50. This covers up to 6 weeks of plan changes (as often as you require) until we find the correct balance for you both physically and mentally. After the start up period is completed your options would be more goal specific as we can either taper your calories up for muscle building, down for fat loss or keep them the same to maintain. These changes cost £35 and are only necessary every 3-6 weeks when your results become plateaued or if and when you fancy a change and need a whole new meal plan structuring around your current eating plan.

If this all sounds like what your looking for, email us at or fill in the contact us form and one of our team will be in touch to arrange a consultation to discuss your specific needs.

The best diet is the one which is easiest to follow for the longest amount of time!



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