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Wall Balls Hurt The Shoulders/ Make You Want To Smash Your Face Into A Wall? Try This Instead!

The Kneeling Landmine Thruster from a box is a great alternative to wall balls for a few reasons. The number one being some get shoulder pain with exercise and secondly because many will have problems catching the ball.

I felt I needed to make the exercise simpler. First, I tried it without the box/bench but the trouble with the landmine attachment is that people often struggle to put the bar down safely so I wanted to come up with a way of taking that problem away while my clients aren’t with me.

So we came up with the landmine box thruster which is shown below:

Start from a kneeling position potentially stretching your tibias anterior (that muscle on the front of your shin bone) with the bar set up so you can hold it just beneath your chin while it is still on the box (this could take some playing about).

Once you’re in position drive upwards, squeeze the glutes and powerfully press the bar until your arms reach full extension. From this position lower back down to kneeling and bring the weight back down to the box.

As always if you get pain during this exercise then change it up.

I guarantee you’ll like this exercise for either you or your client if you give it a try. Have a bash and let me know how it goes!

You can reach me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Cheers for reading guys!

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