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Writing Tips For Fitness Professionals: Ctrl+F, Filler Words & Sentence Power

Developing your skills as a writer is an endless process especially because most fitness professionals don't have experience being a writer beyond GCSE English.

An effective way to improve your writing is to remove filler words and phrases from your work.

Filler words and phrases are parts of sentences that are unnecessary.

The sentence makes sense without the filler and the filler makes the sentence less powerful, your message vague and your writing sloppy.

To find these filler words and phrases takes time.

My process includes working through an infographic featuring various filler words and phrases once I've written the main body of an article.

HERE is a link to the infographic I currently use.

Your average word count could be thousands of words. Time is a precious commodity. It's great to have a fast, efficient way to find these filler words and phrases.

I recently discovered my way of achieving this.

This process will save you time, it will make you more aware of your writing and soon you'll be removing filler words subconsciously making your sentences hit home with more power.

See you again soon!


The Heavy Metal Strength Coach

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