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Things To Temporarily Distract You From The Existential Fear Of Oblivion

I really enjoyed the title of today's piece.

Will I keep renaming the series every week in an extremely successful bid to get as few readers as possible?


This week has been interesting. I've started to lose track of the days in lockdown. My only sense of time is the order I train clients and when I do my own training. Outside of these times, it could be any time of day.

For all those who don't have regular calls and meetings to attend, I can only imagine what every day must feel like.

I managed to cobble together some things that helped me learn stuff, that sparked ideas in my head and generally hammered home the knowledge that there will always be far better coaches in the world than me.

This is good as if I was the most knowledgeable coach, the state of the industry would be pretty bleak.

The Grafters Podcast

Last week, we welcomed Dr. Paul Rimmer to the podcast for a wonderful episode talking coaching, consulting, and how to establish yourself in the industry straight away when coming from a background of high education.

I loved recording this one. We will be having Paul on the show many times in the future I hope.

Gains, Glutes & Glitter Blog

This is an article that does what it says on the tin. It shows you how to create a healthy, lifelong relationship with your strength sport via terrible memes and jokes about having sex with barbells.

Social Media Antics

My favourite personal posts from the 'gram this week:

Other Stuff

Dean Somerset blew my mind with this post. It gave me so many ideas. Adjusting where a weight is during a movement to give each movement a new, wonderful twist?

Yes, please.

Alex Viada talks about balance and moderation in a way that really made me appreciate how far you can get by adopting such a mindset:

Omar Isuf The Future of Powerlifting (ft. Jonnie Candito, Alan Thrall, Calgary Barbell & Silent Mike)

Join Omar Isuf chatting to some of my favourite coaches. While I didn't particularly learn anything from this, it was great to hear people who genuinely live and breath lifting chatting about it for a few hours.

Revolutionary You! Episode 254: Meghan Callaway

This was wonderful. Meghan is clearly a very experienced, caring coach and Jason is a great host who asks the right questions. I highly recommend you give this episode a listen and subscribe to his podcast.

Strength Chat Podcast

Yes, I am that short!

This week, Coach Cuthbert released podcast 116 featuring me. I think it's my fourth or fifth appearance. I can't really remember anymore!

You can listen to the podcast via THIS LINK.

That's it this week.

Please join me next week for more distractions to make you forget about your impending doom for a few hours.

The Heavy Metal Strength Coach

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