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The Grafters Podcast Episode 14: Dean Somerset

This week we had the great pleasure of welcoming Dean Somerset to the podcast.

You can listen to it below!

My mouth or brain didn't want to engage for some reason during this interview. I put it down to being such a fanboy, so despite my not being able to get any words right throughout the whole thing I hope you get lots from Dean's words of wisdom.

Handsome and knowledgeable? No wonder words deserted me.

To quote the show notes from the podcast show notes: "Dean Somerset is an amazing personal trainer based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. He has an incredible amount of knowledge about the body and works with clients varying from; post-surgical joint rehabilitation, neural impairments, spinal cord injuries, cancer patients, elite runners... the list goes on! It's clear that this guy is awesome and knows a lot about the body! In this episode Chris and Reanne interview Dean to find out about his practice as a coach, how he helps clients manage pain plus much much more. To find out more about his work and read up on lots of free content make sure you visit his website"

We mentioned many things in this episode.

Other things mentioned in the podcast:

One of Dean's favourite articles:

Social Media Stuff

All my socials are dedicated to creative exercise selections with minimal equipment at the moment.

It's really fun coming up with this stuff and implementing it into my training.

If you are struggling to make a movement tough enough, just drop me a message and we'll try to work out a way for you to be able to perform the movement effectively.

Don't forget to subscribe to THE GRAFTERS PODCAST, it's wonderful talking to different people each week, I hope you gain as much as I do from my guests' wisdom and don't find me stumbling over words and being far too hopped-up on coffee much of a distraction!

Thanks for reading everyone!

By Chris K

The Heavy Metal Strength Coach

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