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Stuff To Pass Time During The Apocalypse

Reading Material

At some point in the last week, I wrote an article entitled "Why PT's Should Continue To Train Their Clients Via Video."

In this article, I explain why our clients have never needed us more than they do now.

"A session with a coach is more than just a training session."

You can find the article HERE

Social Media Of The Week

As it's the end times, I've begun filming daily videos in a bid to stay active, help others to stay strong and simply because I have nothing better to do.

Here's a selection of the videos this week:

Other Stuff

I haven't read anywhere near enough recently (The Witcher novel series doesn't count) so this one will be fairly brief.

Here's some stuff you should definitely check-out:

Dean Somerset & Tony Gentilcore put their complete shoulder blueprint on sale, it's a wonderful resource from two badasses in the industry, you can find out more here:

Dr. Lisa Lewis has produced a great product called "Psyche Skills For Fitness Pros." It has never been more important to have good communication skills if our businesses are goinh to survive not being allowed near each other for the next few months. I highly recommend you check this out.

You can find more information here:

And there we have it!

Thanks for reading.


The Heavy Metal Strength Coach

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