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Becoming The Heavy Metal Coaching Team

For years I've wanted to build a coaching team. I offered to be head PT at the gym I train people from (Graft Haus) a few years ago, repeatedly.

When there was no interest in this idea, I gave up on the concept of having a team of fitness professionals to work for/with me, despite the idea being cool AF.

It made me go back into my good-old comfy AF comfort zone for a couple of years.

Are you afraid of change?

Letting people down?

Not reaching your full potential?

I have these fears. Oh shiiiit. I have these fears.

Then a very good Sports Therapist started working at Graft Haus.

After a few months (or is it years?) of people telling me what a good therapist he is coupled with him being able to answer most of my questions and saying he "doesn't know" to the rest of them, I decided to ask him to be The Heavy Metal Strength Coach Head Therapist.

Connah jumped at the chance to get involved resulting in the creation of our Therapy Plus Package.

I expect things with Connah to build over the coming years. I'm so excited about it.

This was stage one of The Heavy Metal Strength Coach growing phase. Stage two began in late April '23 as I realised having an online coach within the company would float my professional boat.

I'm a good online coach but I couldn't do it exclusively. I need someone full of ideas, relatively new to the industry who loves being an online coach to take my company and my message further.

Joe Hoy began working at Graft Haus a few months ago as he cut his teeth as a coach and began building his business, Apollo Physique.

I like his style and how consistently he puts out good information. I like he has a Sports Therapy degree, making him more qualified than me.

I asked him to be The Heavy Metal Strength Coach's online coach meaning The Heavy Metal Strength Coach is now The Heavy Metal Strength Coaching Team.

That sentence contained a lot of heavy metal.

Why the fuck should that matter to you?

- We can collaborate on everyone's journey

- We can create more educational content

- With my decades of experience as a 1-1 coach, I can help Joe around the downsides to online coaching

- His online coaching can help patch up some of the weaknesses linked with 1-1 coaching

- if people want to experiment with online coaching or whether they'd prefer a 1-1 coach, they can switch between the two services easily

- Online clients have access to our group sessions

I'm truly hoping this takes the services The Heavy Metal Strength Coach offers to another level. Which would be lovely, as I have a tortoise army to build.

What will Joe be doing?

He will be providing training plans, nutritional guidance, accountability, and huge anatomical knowledge to online coaching.

He'll be collaborating on content with me on a regular basis.

He will be a regular feature in the client group chat that I really must get around to adding everyone to, and we are in the process of creating some lower-cost masterclass/educational services from 2024.

The idea is for him to have as much fulfilling work as possible. A happy coach usually indicates happy clients.

I love being in this industry, to be able to share that with a driven team is a privilege I am looking forward to.

The Future

Here are some avenues I am considering exploring over the next few years...

- Hiring a specialist dietitian

- Working with someone to do our social media

- Hiring a therapist or counselor to work within the company

- Involving Joe with the podcast. He's already been on at least once by the time this article is released, maybe he'll be my co-host. We will see how much he enjoys the medium and the dynamic we have.

- Building a tortoise army. Because life is tortoise now. 🐢 By tortoise army, I mean I'd like to get a couple more tortoises. And breed them. And have a tortoise garden. Luckily, my partner loves tortoises and actually will do the majority of this. I mainly look at the pretty tortoise-eating leaves.

- Absolutely not having a 5th child. 4 is enough. I love them all immensely, but 5!? Unless Tori would have another...NO. 4. 4 IS ENOUGH

- Merch, lots of merch.

- Co-hosting beginner powerlifting competitions with the first one penciled in for November


Thanks for reading!

By The Heavy Metal Strength Coach

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