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Navigating a Busy Gym- Barbell Squat & Laying Leg Curls

As January fast approaches, and because I promised it in my blog post last week here are a couple of handy infographics to help you navigate a busy gym full of pesky people getting to a piece of equipment first!

As much as I would love everyone to share equipment in a friendly Utopian world in my head, I know that sometimes people are unapproachable, intimidating or maybe they are your ex partner who you'd rather have to eat your own face than share a barbell with them for an hour.

Alternative exercises are often needed, are often empowering because it means a person doesn't have to worry about getting on a piece of machinery because they always have options and because having a good knowledge base of exercises feels good.

Or at least I think that is what my clients say.

So before I waffle on any more than usual here a re the slides this week:

I think that should cover most exercises using equipment that is often scarce in a busy gym.

Apart from maybe prowler pushes and farmers walks.

Maybe I'll cover those in the coming weeks but we'll see!

If you have any questions, or have any exercises you struggle to work around in your gym, feel free to drop us a message and we will do our best to help you out.

Chris K

The Heavy Metal Strength Coach

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