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Navigating A Busy Gym- Alternatives For Bench, Deadlift, Lat Pulldown & Face Pulls

Following on from last week here are a few infographics to help you navigate an incredibly busy gym floor without having to massively deviate from your program.

Remember the golden rule in a busy gym:

Be nice. Share & Be Accommodating.

If you are training for a powerlifting or weightlifting competition, you might face a longer wait for equipment. Learning to share platforms is a great way to still get your sessions in even if it means not having a rack to yourself.

If you train at a busy gym at a busy time, sometimes it's the only way to get it done.

If your goals aren't specific to a strength sport, you can adapt training as you need to.

Below are some graphics designed to help you get an effective session in, no matter how busy your gym is.

Next week, or at least sometime soon, I'll be covering squats, leg curls and maybe a couple more.

See you then my friends!

By Chris K

The Heavy Metal Strength Coach

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