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Too Busy To Train?

So Busy! So Little Time!

How To Make Time When You Don’t Have Time.

In a perfect world we would get all the time we could possibly need to train, travel to the gym, eat well and to do all the things we want to do while still being able to look after the family and not neglect any relationships while still making sure the dishes get done.

As we all know life simply doesn’t work like that and stuff always just crops up in a seeming malicious attack from the gods that definitely don’t want you to have a fabulous set of biceps/cannons. You may have signed up with the availability to get to every session and now a new

project has come in at work that has restricted you somewhat. Hopefully, this Blog will go some way towards explaining what you can do to still get some quality work done.

The following link will send you to the original article that gave me the idea to write my own take on the subject.

“Life changes, so must you.” Ross Enamait

I know you might feel like you don’t have time.

I know, I know, I know.

But how much time do you really need?

“Many people honestly don’t know. They just assume that however much time is needed is more time than they have.” Ross Enamait

The result is that people end up doing nothing.

Which is a huge mistake. Of course lifting for 10 minutes is going to be better than not hauling heavy weights at all. We just have to use what time we have to the best of our abilty and make it our duty to “just do something” when circumstances (or time) aren’t on our side.

As we know in our heart of hearts even a couple of sets of push ups on our lunch break is going to help us and “just keep the blood flowing.”

We can do this!


If you can use your body to train effectively then you can train anywhere when you don’t have time

to commute to the gym, train and drive home again.

You don’t need much to be able to do push-ups, lunges, squats, burpees or anything similar to that. You can smash it anywhere.

I love lifting weights and I get everyone doing it as soon as they are able but when you are caught short, once again we must do something. Bodyweight exercise can be that something.


If you have 10-15 minutes our options don’t need to be limited. We can do so much.

To use the bodyweight option you just need to pick a bodyweight exercise like push-ups and see how many you can do in the time available.

Another brutal example would be coming to the gym and doing loaded carries. Or more specifically farmers walks.

With a farmers walk you just need to pick up the weights and walk with them a certain distance.

To do a workout with just loaded carries:

• Get two heavy kettle bells or dumbbells

• Find a 20m space to walk in

• See how far you can travel in 10-15 minutes

It doesn’t have to be farmers walks. You can pick an exercise you like and just see how many reps you can do at a certain weight in the 10-15 minutes you have available (maybe try and beat it the next time you're stuck for time).


Going along with the farmers walk theme we want to get the most from every single exercise that we possibly can. When very little time is available you need maximum efficiency.

Farmers walks


Squats (all of them)


Push Presses

Kettlebell swings

Any workout doing lots of these is going to be awesome compared to doing sod all!

Try using them as fast and highly effective Super Sets.

Pairing a couple of exercises and doing as many reps as possible in a short time will make for an efficient as hell workout.

Pairing upper body and lower exercises will smash you up in the best possible way. An excellent combination being goblet squats and push presses.

Combining push and pull exercises such as single-arm push presses and single-arm rows is one of my favourite exercise duets. Try them and see. Repeat for 10-20 minutes and enjoy feeling as if your forearms are going to explode.

May your muscles be massive and your gains huge.

Coach Chris


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