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Competition Preperation Series - The Beginning!


Prep season has begun!

The countdown to local bodybuilding shows is well underway. People you know are getting in shape, talking diets, posing, bikinis, tans and cardio.

But is it for you?

The glitz, glam and potential 'fame' of a bodybuilding competition all seem very appealing. In fact thousands embark on strutting their stuff under the bright lights each year, but many fail along the way.

The truth is, what people see as the end result doesn't even begin to reflect the hard work, discipline and dedication getting on the stage actually requires. Firstly, the diets aren't easy, social lives become non existent and calculating every scrap of food you consume becomes a way of life. Secondly, your body will ache, your brain will play tricks on you and every day you will fight an urge to quit.

But there are good points too!

Waking up every single day knowing you are one step closer, believing that if you can continue you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Understanding the ins and outs of nutrition and leaning to self motivate through any challenges you may face whilst unlocking your bodies maximum potential. All that builds a confidence only true discipline present.

Its not about winning a trophy, its about finding YOU!

Over the next 12-16 weeks this blog is going to delve into the glamourous world of bodybuilding and let you in on all the not so glamourous aspects along the way.


contest prep

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