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11 REAL Reasons To Train With A Personal Trainer

In a desperate bid for attention, and potentially because I didn't want to be ANOTHER PT selling my services using the same promises, I've compiled my "anti-marketing campaign" into one place.

Featured are reflections based on thousands of PT sessions.

I believe most coaches will do a great deal of nodding throughout reading this piece.

The first image features a grammatical error in the very first word.

This should give you a good idea of how faultlessly thorough I am when double-checking my social media graphics before publication.

If you secretly feel that during a fight, you could just hold me at arms-length while I flail around, I can be tough on you without being a bully. This is a win for both of us.

You definitely needed to hear about creatine timing in that much detail, for the fourth time this week.

I don't trust people who can count to 10. It's a sign of evil.

"Hmm, yes, carry on, while I look like I have lots of meaningful thoughts bursting to escape my face."

This one is straight-up truth.

If you've made it this far, you are a hero.

It's a pretty great movement. I know 50% of you hate them. Stockholm syndrome will eventually win you over.

You definitely need me to demonstrate the barbell squat for the 9000th time.


Thanks to my lovely readers and clients for allowing me to have the best time at work, at home, and during the rest of my life.

I wouldn't be here without you all.

By Chris Kershaw

The Heavy Metal Strength Coach

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